Reflections on World Economic Crisis by André Gunder Frank

By André Gunder Frank

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S-a "surprise-free" list, in Herman Kahn's ter­ mtnology: I t tneludes the very problems I have just enumerated: . growth, tnflanon, the environment, the multinationals, the . fatlure of development, the international monetary situation. But I am mo�e� to ask, reflecting on the past, whether this list of problems IS ltkely to be as misconceived: So Heilbroner, who has always been a bit of a maveri� k, pro­ ceeded to make some presumably not so surprising predictions . mIC problems of the 1970s: ( 1 ) increasing .

In addition, I quote Augusto Pinochet, a sufficiently wellknown world "authority": National security i s the responsibility o feach and every Chilean; therefore, this concept must be inculcated at all socioeco romic : levels through knowledge of general civic duties. Speclhcally 64 Andre Gunder Frank in relation to the domestic arena, we must encourage patriotic values by disseminating our own cultural achievements in the variegated gamut of native art, and by teaching and constantly commenting on historical traditions and the respect for the past which the fatherland represents for us.

Klein was not alone in his bullIsh OptimIsm. The July 1 9 issue carried another optimistic article under the title "Experts' View: Busines s to Climb for Years to Come": The business recovery under way for 1 5 months will be a healthy one that will run into 1977, at the least, and perhaps well beyond that. The torrid pace of recent growth w1ll slow. But it's not until late 1 977 or early 1978 that the experts see any big problems at all. . B�t most economists expect that any correction that follows w1ll be short a?

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