Raise Your Voice by Jaime Vendera

By Jaime Vendera

The marvelous new vocal method designed to extend the diversity, energy, and caliber of your voice! thought of by way of many THE owner's guide for the voice. it doesn't matter what sort you sing, the program works! even if you must bring up your complete voice variety or strengthen a stunning falsetto, increase a robust voice, gentle out the registers, upload resonance,or discover ways to scream, upload grit or growl, etc... you'll locate the solutions inside elevate Your Voice.

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When you laugh, your voice floats forward towards the front of your face in little resonant bursts, (unless of course, you have some weird laugh like a horse, hyena, or, or pig. ) You should feel the sound in the area known as the mask; feel the teeth, cheeks, and nose buzz, and taste the sound as well. My wife says that I laugh like a penguin, but the sound is very forward and resonant. ” NO BREATHINESS PLEASE! To discover your true speaking voice, record yourself as you read out loud. As you listen back to the recording, check your vocal habits.

If you adopt this vocal pattern, you will only limit the range of your voice. 55 RAISE YOUR VOICE Some people raise their pitch higher than necessary producing too high a pitch for their voice. This is usually an attempt to sound more delicate and feminine. This only thins out the quality of the speaking voice. I’ve heard both male and female singers speak like this and it reminds me of a child’s voice. I’m no psychiatrist, but I feel that the individual is hanging on to childhood for some reason, whether for attention or the fear of growing up.

By the sixth, seventh, or eighth note, you should begin to feel the core of resonance pushing up on the soft palate in the back of your throat. You are now moving into head resonance, or head voice. The cords are zipping together in very tiny increments, so while in head resonance, the core of resonance should rise in very tiny increments. You could very well have more than an octave in head resonance to cover from about eye level to the top of the head. Head resonance is an amazing thing, filling your entire skull with multiple echoes, like a tiny cathedral.

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