Powers (GURPS, 4th Edition) by Sean Punch, Phil Masters, Andrew Hackard

By Sean Punch, Phil Masters, Andrew Hackard

Keep the realm . . . or wreck It!
GURPS Powers is the last word publication for the final word characters within the new Fourth version of GURPS! here is every little thing you must create all kinds of wonderful, off-the-chart superhero you could think . . . in addition to outstanding wizards, wuxia opponents, shamans who command spirits . . . even gods!
Written via GURPS Line Editor and Fourth variation co-author Sean Punch, GURPS Powers introduces a few new ideas, however it is usually approximately utilizing the foundations which are already within the GURPS easy Set to hide superpowered characters, megawizards, and earth-shattering psionics. GURPS Powers additionally comprise guidance for "special results" and a number of other other ways to change an influence at the fly - the most important ideas for comic-book superheroics.
GURPS Powers is a Fourth version GURPS publication that perfectly replaces the 3rd version books GURPS Supers and GURPS Psionics. Like our different Fourth variation supplementations, it is a beautiful 240-page, full-color hardcover.
If you've gotten a high-powered crusade - or high-powered gamers - you will have GURPS Powers!

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A power like this has two lists of abilities: a “public” one, known to all users, and a “secret” one, known only to the GM. , or achieve a minimum level of Talent. To discover forgotten or unknown abilities, he must research them. The GM should decide what specific deeds, skill rolls, and prerequisite traits unlock the abilities on the secret list. Those who wish to start with secret abilities must buy an Unusual Background. Level Limits Users can’t spend as many points as they wish on open-ended abilities or those that come in levels.

The GM chooses an ability and decides when and how it appears. If this is completely outside the player’s control, the GM shouldn’t require the player to pay points, as the ability might not be what he wanted. Instead, the points are effectively a gift – see Traits Gained in Play (p. B291). On the other hand, the GM and the player could agree on a list of abilities from which the GM will pick one at random, in which case the ability has its usual cost. See Paying the Price (p. 37) for other ideas; most of the suggestions for heroes gaining completely new powers are equally appropriate for someone buying the first ability for a power he already possesses.

If you decide to permit custom power modifiers, set strict limits on their size. Few powers truly need a limitation outside the -10% to -20% range, and even a flat +0% limit can accommodate plenty of interesting powers. BUILDING POWERS 37 CHAPTER TWO BUILDING ABILITIES I’d been after Anton Makram for three weeks before I tracked him to Tranquility City. He wasn’t hard to locate, once I’d got hold of his full profile. He had various peculiar dietary requirements that made his purchasing records light up like a fusion drive when I ran the right queries.

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