Politics and Diplomacy in Early Modern Italy: The Structure by Daniela Frigo, Adrian Belton

By Daniela Frigo, Adrian Belton

This quantity is the 1st try out at a comparative reconstruction of the international coverage and international relations of the main Italian states within the early smooth interval. a number of the contributions show the tools and kinds of international relatives within the Italian peninsula. additionally they exhibit via various case reports, together with Venice, the Papal States, the duchy of Savoy, Florence (later the duchy of Tuscany), Mantua, Modena, and the dominion of Naples, a brand new interpretation of the political background of early smooth Italy.

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They consequently pressed for effective authority in the exercise of diplomatic missions, as rightfully due to men belonging to the innermost circle of the ruling group. 85 Apart from the circumstances (the resolution probably refers to the policy pursued by Giovanni Emo at Florence),86 the document illustrates the 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 Cf. Queller, Early Venetian Legislation, p. 86. Cf. G. Cracco, `Patriziato e oligarchia a Venezia nel Tre-Quattrocento', in S. Bertelli, N. Rubinstein and C.

223; see also D. Marzi, La cancelleria della Repubblica ®orentina, Rocca San Casciano, 1910, p. 87. Cf. A. Molho, `The Florentine Oligarchy and the ``Balie'' of the Late Trecento', Speculum, 43 (1968), pp. 23±51; and also Fubini, `Classe dirigente ed esercizio della diplomazia', pp. 166ff. and Italia quattrocentesca, pp. 48±52. Cf. Statuta, vol. iii, p. 717; and Fubini, Italia quattrocentesca, pp. 48±52. floren™e —nd veni™e ‘fifteenth ™entury“ 39 process just described. 64 Considering the circumstances (the wars against the Visconti), it is plain that this series, and with it the new salience of the diplomatic function, arose in conditions of emergency, and that routine chancery business was interwoven in those early beginnings with that of the of®ce of the Ten.

Florence was no exception, and nor even was Venice. I say this not in order to denigrate the Venetian `myth' of the perfect constitution, but because the intensi®cation of diplomatic activity in the ®fteenth century was directly related to Venice's expansion on terraferma, and it raised problems of legitimacy no less important than those of the de facto assumption of sovereignty by a city commune like Florence, or of the new dynasty of the Sforzas devoid of imperial investiture. The new diplomacy of ®fteenth-century Italy was therefore ®rst and foremost political activity, whose range and purposes were, at least, juridically problematic.

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