Plateau Indians by Craig A Doherty

By Craig A Doherty

A part of the 10-volume set local the US, this identify tells the historical past and tradition of the Plateau Indians. It starts off with a short set creation that discusses a number of the vast background and topics stumbled on through the Plateau Indian tradition, in addition to explains the idea that of tradition parts to scholars.

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The woman was responsible for preserving and preparing food, making clothes, and gathering roots, berries, and other useful plant food. A couple was part of their extended family and depended on the cooperation of their larger family for many tasks. An older member of the family was usually considered the head of the family, and this role usually fell to a man. The people of the Plateau were taught from a very early age that cooperation was important to their survival, and they viewed their elders with respect.

In the Plateau region, people never adopted the agricultural methods understood today. However, they learned how to improve the yield of numerous wild plants by weeding out competing species, pruning plants, and burning areas to encourage desirable plants. This form of agriculture was very effective in maintaining adequate supplies of the roots and other plants they gathered. 8888888888888888888888 Stone Age Hunters to Riverine Culture on the Plateau (  ( Trade among the people of the Plateau Culture Area revolved around such items as shells and animal skins.

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division [LC-USZ62-111293]) would stand on rocks or build scaffolds that would allow them to stand over a narrow spot in a series of rapids. An experienced fisherman with a dip net could catch as many as 500 fish a day. This may seem like a lot of fish, but it is estimated that people of the Plateau region, prior to the introduction of nonNative foods, ate between 400 and 450 pounds of fish per person a year. In addition to feeding all the members of his family, a fisherman who could produce a surplus of fish had a valuable good that could be traded with groups that were less fortunate in the quality of their fishing sites.

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