Planes by Michael Johnstone

By Michael Johnstone

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The first one has been done for you. 1. root word: slave (noun) enslave a. to force into slavery (verb): ______________________ slavery b. the practice of owning slaves (noun): ______________________ slavery c. Before the Civil War, ______________________ was common in some states. 2. root word: fresh (adjective) a. to make fresh again (verb): ______________________ b. the most fresh of all (adjective): ______________________ c. Gabby tried to select the ______________________ apple from the barrel.

I fixed it in a jiffy Because it came pre-made. B. Write the prefixes and the base words for each word below. Use the first item as an example. Prefix Base 1. unzip __________ un- ___________________ zip 2. unusual __________ ___________________ 3. preview __________ ___________________ 4. rearrange __________ ___________________ 5. unwrap ___________ ___________________ 6. reopen __________ ___________________ 7. reconsider __________ ___________________ 8. uneasy __________ ___________________ 9.

Com PARTS OF SPEECH 3 The vocabulary words on this page can serve as either nouns or adjectives (words that describe nouns). It all depends on how you use them. Replace each phrase in parentheses with a word from the box. Write the word in the blank. Then, in the brackets after the sentence, write noun or adjective to tell the word’s part of speech. The first one has been done for you. daily instant 1. (Regularly each day) midnight standard 5. The (usual, accepted as a rule) ____________________ exercises Daily ____________________ price for help Jon Paul stay fit.

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