Physics Olympiad - Basic To Advanced Exercises by The Committee Of Japan Physics Olympiad Japan

By The Committee Of Japan Physics Olympiad Japan

This e-book comprises a number of the difficulties and options some time past family theoretical and experimental competitions in Japan for the overseas Physics Olympiad. during the workouts, we goal at introducing the allure and curiosity of recent physics to high-school scholars. specifically, the issues for the second-round of pageant are like lengthy trip of physics, starting with basic physics of junior-high-school point, and finishing with the forefronts of up to date physics and expertise.

Readership: highschool scholars and highschool lecturers, in addition to undergraduates.

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Give the expressions for T and L in term of m1 , m2 , g and v0 . (4) Show that the kinetic energy of the body of mass m1 at t = 0 is converted to the work done to raise the body of mass m2 by distance L. (5) Show that the work in the preceding problem is converted to the mechanical energy of the body of mass m2 after it is raised by distance L. Solution (1) The equation of motion for the body of mass m1 is m1 a = −F. If the acceleration of the body of mass m2 is taken as positive when directed upward, it is equal to a.

The 1st Challenge) Answer (b) Hint The object that travels a longer distance at a faster speed arrives at the goal first. Solution An object gains a larger speed as the vertical distance of fall from the starting point becomes larger. Hence, the object that drops a longer distance gets a larger speed and, consequently, arrives at the goal first. 7. An inclined plane A ball is placed at the top of an inclined plane (of height h) as shown in Fig. 24, and it starts moving down. We consider the motion of the ball in the following two cases: A.

When the displacement vector of the body is denoted as r, we define the work done by the force, f , on the body as def W = f · r = f r cos θ. 5) The product at the center of this equation is called the inner product of f and r and its value is given by the rightmost expression, where f and r are magnitudes of the vectors f and r, respectively, and θ is the angle between them. We consider a body of mass m moving along the x-axis under the influence of a constant force, f , and passing a point, x1 , with a velocity, v1 , and then passing another point, x2 , with another velocity, v2 , as shown in Fig.

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