Philosophy of Physical Science by Eddington A. S.

By Eddington A. S.

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Indeed, a great way of respectively. Now, the components writing a vector in terms of its of our vector can be written: components is: R  Ai  Bj  Ck R  Ai, Bj, Ck magnitude direction This is a vector equation. We express a vector as the resultant of its component vectors. The magnitudes of the component vectors are the scalars A, B and C. When the unit vector i (which points in the x direction) is multiplied by the scalar magnitude A, we obtain Ai, which is the vector component in the x direction and so on for the product Bj and Ck.

81 A free body diagram is a representation of an object or body which shows all forces acting upon it. The body is supported only by forces and is in contact with nothing else at all. 8 N N a W (b) Draw a free body diagram with inertia force directed opposite to acceleration. 8 N (c) Draw a free-body diagram with inertia force directed opposite to acceleration. 8 N N Mechanics 37 2. A trailer has a mass of 600 kg and a rolling resistance of 700 N which represents rolling friction and air resistance.

A box is standing on the flat bed of a delivery truck. 2 m high and 0. 6 m wide. 31. If the truck stops suddenly, will the box slide or tip? 5 N Inertia force has to be at least this value al e for the box bo to be on the point of tipping. 3 N Inertia force has to be at least this value al e before the box bo will ill slide. slide Since the inertia force will reach the value of the friction force first as the acceleration (and hence FI) increases, then the box will slide and will not tip. 6. Calculate the gravitational force between two 1 kg masses placed 1 cm apart.

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