Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the River by Paizo Staff

By Paizo Staff

You won’t wander away in the event you keep on with the river, and Pathfinder participant better half: humans of the River can be your advisor! no matter if your personality is a Kellid warlord purpose on reclaiming his ancestral place of birth or a Riverfolk sneak trying to find her subsequent rating, this quantity has you coated. furthermore, this Pathfinder participant better half positive factors elevated information and new principles attached to the science-infused barbarian country of Numeria and the chaotic geographical regions of the River Kingdoms, making it the proper source for Pathfinder RPG gamers diving into the Iron Gods experience course or Pathfinder Module: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon!

Inside this e-book, you’ll find:

• Six new category archetypes, together with the imaginitive galvanic saboteur for rangers, the vengeful Numerian liberator for barbarians, and the fickle hag of Gyronna for witches.
• Over dozen new personality characteristics, making it effortless to attach the heritage tales of numerous new characters to the state of Numeria or any of the River Kingdoms.
• A fantastically illustrated explorer’s map of the interior Sea region’s such a lot storied waterway, the Sellen River.
• information, feedback, and new crusade qualities for characters getting begun within the Iron Gods experience Path.
• New feats, spells, magic goods, and a lot more to prepared your adventurer for the risks of rivers.

This Pathfinder participant spouse is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be included into any delusion global.

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CO NST RUCTIO N REQUIREMENTS I COST 7,350 GP Craft Magic Arms and Armor, summon monster I P RICE 1 ,000 GP WEIG HT 1 lb. AURA moderate conjuration Often crafted by the people of Riverton and sold to traveling river-goers, this small stone disk is etched with the symbol of waves and affixed to a si lver chain. If the wearer falls unconscious from drowning while wearing a drowning medallion, she can remain unconscious for up to 1 O minutes before she must start attempting Constitution checks to avoid asphyxiation.

He may have been your tutor, or a friend or business associate of your family. He may even have been your adoptive father, in which case you likely have a bond of friendship or rivalry with his adopted daughter Val. Your association with Khonnir has given you insight into how technology works. Choose Disable Device or Knowledge (engineering). You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with this skill, and it is a class skill for you. In addition, you are treated as if you possessed the Technologist feat for the purposes of resolving checks associated with that skill.

You gain a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge checks to identify alien monsters' abilities and weaknesses. In you gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks, and this skill is a class skill for you. You are treated as if you possessed the Technologist feat for the of resolving checks to identify an alien creature using a Knowledge skill and for all Knowledge (geography) checks. If you already possess the Technologist feat, then your trait bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks increases to +3.

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