Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Towns of the Inner Sea by Paizo Inc.

By Paizo Inc.

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Whether they are the beginning issues of marvelous campaigns, groups dealing with unfathomable hazards, or purely locations for adventurers to leisure and resupply, vibrantly designated cities are very important to any delusion adventure.

Towns of the internal Sea explores six small yet richly specific settlements from the Pathfinder crusade surroundings. every one access presents insights into the town's heritage, tradition, and citizens, in addition to what risks lurk within the shadows. a variety of experience hooks, full-page maps, and stat blocks for key NPCs make those cities totally learned settings, prepared for video game Masters to drop into campaigns each time they're needed.

This e-book includes information at the following distincitve towns:

• Diobel: What you cannot get in Absalom, you may get during this infamous smuggler's port.
• Falcon's hole: have been monsters and curses now not adequate, the pursuits of this town's grasping overseers may nonetheless catch its citizens in dust and sawdust.
• Ilsurian: Torn among rival city-states, this Varisian city bows to no master.
• Pezzak: This sheltered port defies the principles of the devil-dominated kingdom of Cheliax, its insurgent spirit burning robust regardless of its scheming overlords.
• Solku: This pious fortress-town faces consistent threats from within reach gnoll tribes, and whereas its partitions stand unbreached, none can say for the way a lot longer.
• Trunau: Trapped at the unsuitable aspect of the border with the orcs of Belkzen, the electorate of this stronghold stand speedy opposed to savagery.

Towns of the interior Sea is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade environment, yet can simply be utilized in any myth game.

Written through Judy Bauer, Logan Bonner, Nicholas Logue, and Matt Vancil.
Cover paintings by means of Steve Prescott.

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Whaler's Point: The spit of land that encloses Fat Harbor to the north is the same sort of terrain as that which surrounds the town-rocky spires and broken stone rises, useless for construction. Hundreds of years ago, whalers set up operations on the only practical piece ofland on the spit, at the point right off the Pinch. Pezzack's whaling industry is the only one Sawndannac has allowed to operate during the blockade, and she extracts quite a percentage of their profits for the privilege. The whalers, not really having a choice, go along with it.

Despite these occasional conflicts and the reputation they've given Ilsurian among the nomadic traders , Varisians still come to this lucrative spot. The trade acros s the river and lake makes it an excellent spot to pick up items and delicacies that are in demand elsewhere. The Varisians, particularly the elderly Trumori Kadarru (CN old male human expert 4), also do good business by selling illegal goods under the table. Because ofllsurian's lax laws­ generally if you're not hurting anyone, it's not illegal-this mostly consists of dangerous drugs like pesh and shiver, plus imported Korvosan items that are banned because their sale benefits that city's nobles or promote their way of life.

I n truth, i n the S h i m merglens to the north, a ke l p i e calls i n crew mem bers o n passing boats. A trio of satyr cronies boards the boats afte rwa rd, co l lecting their favo rite pieces of the ca rgo-pa rti c u l a rly ra re wines meant for the Two Waters Tave rn. Rosarennic Returned: Noble fa m i l ies i n Korvosa h ave l o n g m e m o ries. Orsidey Rosa re n n i c f e u d e d w i t h l l s u r before h i s exit fro m t h e c i ty, a n d h e r g ra n d d a u g hter Oboria Rosarennic ( LE fem a l e h u m a n bard 7/rogue 3) has never fo rg iven the insult.

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