Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, 2nd Edition by Kevin Siembieda

By Kevin Siembieda

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Make 'em scary, dangerous, mean, arrogant, brash, shy, cute, sarcastic, funny, etc. Give that shop clerk some personality — it will liven things up and create a more vivid gaming experience. This means villains too! Especially villains!! 6. An interesting and diverse playing group will often act as a catalyst for adventure. Recognize this and use it. Pander to your players, give them what they want — but throw in a few curves to keep them on their toes and to keep things from becoming predictable.

Pander to your players, give them what they want — but throw in a few curves to keep them on their toes and to keep things from becoming predictable. See Reactions & Consequences. 7. Draw ideas from everywhere! Movies, TV, comic books, cartoons, magazine articles, history, science, etc! 8. Be flexible. I've found it's best to have a story outline with the basic plot, subplot ideas, a setting, people, antagonists and conflicts fleshed out, rather than a very rigid story. This way, the players can take their characters in different directions and you are prepared to respond appropriately.

Physically, the character will stand completely rigid or huddled in a corner, immobilized with fear. 's choice) 14-15 Water 16-19 Undead/Vampires 20-22 Ghosts/Entities 23-24 Catacombs 25-28 Confining Enclosures 29-30 Cats 31-32 Dogs 33-35 Magic Circles (may be limited by type) 36-38 Demons (or Deevils; may be limited to a specific one) 39-42 Witches 43-45 Ghouls and Zombies or Necromancy/Necromancers 46-48 Changelings 49-51 Flying (by any means) 52-55 Graveyards/Tombs/Burial Mounds 56-58 Darkness 59-62 Snakes and Snake-like Creatures 63-64 Open spaces 65-66 Spell Magic or Wizards (or Wards or Diabolists) 67-68 Clergy (may be limited to specific type or church) 69-70 Opposite sex 71-73 Mind Mage (or other psionic beings) 74-75 Dead Bodies/Corpses/Skeletons (including animated dead) 76-77 A particular monster (select a specific one) 78-80 Giants (may be limited to specific race/type) 81-85 Dragons (may be limited to specific type) 86-90 Gods (may be limited to a specific god or pantheon) 91-93 Worms (including worms of Taut) 94-96 Bats and Bat-like Creatures 97-98 Slimes and Gooey Substances 99-00 Strangers cannot run, fight, use skills or move in any way (no attacks per me- lee) until the object of the fear is removed or destroyed, or he is dragged away from it.

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