Organic compounds of sulphur, selenium, and tellurium vol 6 by Chemical Society (Great Britain)

By Chemical Society (Great Britain)

Expert Periodical stories offer systematic and precise evaluation insurance of development within the significant parts of chemical learn. Written by means of specialists of their professional fields the sequence creates a different carrier for the energetic examine chemist, providing commonplace serious in-depth debts of growth particularly parts of chemistry.

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1978, 3523. 154 L. 1. Kruglik and Yu. G . Gololobov, Zh. Org. , 1978, 14, 747. I S 5 M. J. Soma Lob0 and H. J. , 1978,2171. 156 J. Martens, K. Praefcke, and H. , 1978, 102, 108. 15' W. Lohner, J. Martens, K. Praefcke, and H. Simon, J. Organomet. , 1978, 154, 263. 15* K. S. Venkatasubban, K. R. Davis, and J. L. Hogg, J. Am. Chem. ,1978, 100, 6125; T. H. Fife and B. R. , 1979, 101, 7379. 149 16 Organic Compounds of Sulphur, Selenium, and Tellurium The uses of thiols in the synthesis of sulphides can be discussed under the two main headings (a) additions to unsaturated systems and (b) substitution reactions.

Inoue and Y. Kawano, Makromol. , 1979,180, 1405 (Chem. , 1979,91, 108 216). lo* G. A. Dilbeck, L. Field, A. A. Gallo, and R. J. Gargiulo, J . Org. , 1978,43,4593. lo3 L. Field and A. A. Gallo, J. , 1980, 15,29. lo4 A. Itoh, S. Ozawa, K. Oshima, and H. , 1980, 21, 36 1. lo5 L. I. Komarova, Zh. Org. , 1978, 14, 737. ' 0 6 M. Pohmakotr, K. H. Geiss, and D. Seebach, Chem. , 1979, 112, 1420. lo7K. Tanaka, N . Yamagishi, R. Tanikaga, and A. Kaji, Bull. Chem. , 1979, 52, 3619; K. Tanaka, H. Uneme, N. Yamagishi, N.

202 B. M. Trost, M. Ochiai, and P. G. McDougal, J. Am. Chem. ,1978,100,7103. 203 I. Kuwajima and M. , 1978, 1277. 204 P. Groenewegen, H. Kallenberg, and A. , 1979,2817. 2os B . M. Trost and J. H. , 1978, 1667. *06 J. H. Clark and J. M. Miller, Can. J . , 1978, 56, 141. 207 K. Hiroi, Y. Matsuda, and S. Sato, Synthesis, 1979,621. Olbutane has been established209 as the product from the parent hydrocarbon with MeSSMe and Bu"Li, correcting earlier assignments. Sulphenylation of oc-phenylalkyl cyanides with PhSSPh and KOH in THF gives PhCR(CN)SPh,210 but acetonitrile gives the dithioacetal (PhS),CHCN.

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