Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia, Book 1) by Diane Duane

By Diane Duane

A near-future techno-thriller from New York Times bestselling writer Diane Duane.

It's the 1st zone of the twenty-first century, and "massively multiplayer" online video games were round for a number of a long time. In an more and more stressed and computer-friendly international they've develop into a sort of leisure so well known they're giving tv and flicks a run for the cash. And the most well-liked gaming universe of all is Omnitopia, created through genius programmer Dev Logan.

For thousands of individuals around the globe, Omnitopia is an obsession, a passionate hobby, virtually a life-style. Omnitopia is a digital position the place goals come true-players can create their very own universes in the game's constitution, and perform the gains if their piece of the universe is a success. Ten million avid gamers oftentimes play in Omnitopia, and at any given time, approximately 1000000 of them are online, dwelling in an international extra genuine to them then their very own.

around the globe, Omnitopia is now as a lot a tradition as a video game. contributors can get entangled in it in 100 alternative ways. a few online game as though their lives relied on it, spending hundreds of thousands of hours, or millions of greenbacks, or either, on quests looking for "game glory" between their fellow gamers. a few online game purely to procure adequate in-game "value" to turn into entitled to develop into subcreators themselves, capable of construct new degrees and begin raking within the so-called "one percentage of infinity" that's the leveler's percentage of the gains. yet there also are those that don't video game in any respect, who prefer to take advantage of the large platform just to discover its worlds, or to engage with different contributors. a few humans do not anything yet layout online guns and different goods for Omnitopia avid gamers, and promote them-or act as agents, trading online game artifacts to reserve. a few subcreators do an identical type of layout and construction, yet for adapted Microcosms or slices of them: those are the "unreal estate" purchasers. a few avid gamers speculate in video game "gold" at the luck or approval for Microcosms, instead of truly taking part in in them. and naturally there are thieves and swindlers, cheaters who dwell to discover the loophole within the video game that may outdoor it within the actual global.

Now Dev and his everyone is getting ready to rollout a huge new enlargement to the Omnitopia process. or even as gamers, employees, the media, and the heavy hitters at the global monetary scene wait eagerly for this fast-approaching and momentous occasion, there are others getting ready to play a really assorted game-one that's intended to strike on the middle of Omnitopia and convey the complete method crashing down....

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