Numenera: Into the Night by Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell

By Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell

Darkish, Mysterious, and full of the Unknown

The humans of the earlier worlds reached for the celebrities. They engineered our global and others, opened doors to different dimensions, and rewrote the legislation of time and house. The remnants of those efforts clutter the 9th international, yet they aren’t constrained to Earth. throughout the magic of the numenera left at the back of by means of the ancients, the celebs could be plied. Craft sail the void as though it have been an never-ending sea, intricately designed doors open onto far away worlds, or even stranger technique of trip beckon those who find themselves daring adequate to pass the vastness of the night.

Like the 9th international, the geographical regions past Earth are mysterious, majestic, terrifying, and packed with the unknown. Will you sign up for the middle of the night pilgrims and become aware of what lies past Earth’s shores?

This publication includes:
• Dozens of destinations at the moon, somewhere else in our sunlight procedure, and beyond—all as bizarre and innovative as you’d anticipate from the 9th World’s surroundings. stopover at Branu’s Kiss, the Thon Iridescence, the destroy of the Vlerryn, the cloud towns of Urvanas, and the Swarmstar, probably the strangest sight within the void.
• a number of how one can break out Earth’s include. Climb the Beanstalk, discover the Nightcraft, or step throughout the global Door.
• New creatures and NPCs, together with the computer eater, the behemoth ulagra, and the murderous shadow of the void.
• Dozens of latest cyphers and artifacts.
• New horizons of the mind's eye to fill your gamers with ask yourself and take your Numenera crusade to nation-states you’ve by no means ahead of imagined!

For higher element on one vessel ideally suited to take your gamers into the evening and maybe function a house clear of Earth, be sure you additionally try out our low-cost, PDF-only name The Nightcraft.

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Because ghru brains are implanted, there are no ghru schools. No training is needed, for ghru brains are designed with knowledge and skills already in them. However, it is difficult for a ghru brain to learn much beyond what it is initially given. The ghru have fine memories and store new information, but they do not adapt well. You can show one how to build a boat, and she’ll remember all the steps of the process, but unless that skill was given to her at her implantation ceremony, she will have a difficult time at best carrying out the task.

Plenty of opportunities for scavenging shins, oddities, or cyphers abound, and artifacts can be recovered as well. There are also dangers, as incomprehensible machines do things that can easily vaporize (or worse) an explorer who steps in the wrong place or activates the wrong control panel. Explorers who have entered one of the domes and returned report finding one or more of the following: • Automated transports that move throughout the city (although finding a way to direct them is almost impossible) • Machines that produce strange but edible foodstuffs • Machines that produce clothing tailored to fit a given character, using fabric that cleans and repairs itself • Machines that produce unknown metals, TRAVEL ON NAHARRAI Gehathi: level 5, all interactions and lore as level 7, attacks and defense as level 4 Travel on established roads is safe by Ninth World standards.

There are many tens of thousands (or more) of species alive on Naharrai, although the storms—and in particular the droughts—claim many of them each year. The toxic element in Naharrai’s atmosphere is almost certainly bacterial in nature, in case a PC explorer has resistance or vulnerabilities to such things. Other regions of Naharrai have different climates, although the differences are not as dramatic as on Earth. So the relatively lifeless poles are cold, and the mostly uninhabited equator is hot, but the rest of the world fits generally into the description given here.

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