Nights of Prophecy (Vampire: The Masquerade) by Geoffrey Grabowski

By Geoffrey Grabowski

Nights of Prophecy is a set of news for Vampire: The Masquerade that chronicle the advances within the setting's ongoing metaplot.

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This rivalry arises because of their origins from so many different types of fiendish souls, and the varied, subtle inf luence that these beginnings impart upon a mature nightshades’ goals and habits. Nightshades inherently distrust one another, and cooperation is rare unless forced by a more powerful commander. Of the major HABITAT & SOCIETY Nightshades most commonly dwell on the planes of Shadow and Negative Energy, and are found in the highest concentrations along those two planes’ nightblack border.

But not all have departed. The Gebbite city of Yled houses several necromantic academies and much of the nation’s undead military near its border with the Mana Wastes, yet that’s not all it contains. Deep beneath its foundations, within a magically drained aquifer a mile below the Mortuarium’s spires, the necromancers charged with the city’s defense and the potential of renewed war with Nex harbor a carefully managed secret. The city rests upon a trio of nightwalkers held in magical stasis, and one much larger nightshade of unknown type called simply the Bound One.

According to this theory, the older and more powerful the fiend or fiends were—their exact species or alignment does not appear to matter—the more powerful the form of nightshade produced, though the combined deaths of multiple fiends produce a nightshade of a type otherwise reserved for the death of a much more powerful one on its own. Even the proponents of this theory, however, have no idea of the exact formulae involved, and the few casters capable of controlling a nightshade are generally more concerned with maintaining their tenuous hold over the undead juggernauts than with such unpragmatic musings.

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