Neuroimaging Pharmacopoeia by Daniel Thomas Ginat, Juan E. Small, Pamela Whitney Schaefer

By Daniel Thomas Ginat, Juan E. Small, Pamela Whitney Schaefer

This publication stories the imaging positive aspects linked to chosen periods of prescription drugs and medication on mind, head and neck, and backbone and explains the results of the imaging findings for the neuroradiologist and the clinician. a few brokers produce attribute abnormalities with targeted imaging gains, whereas others have a spectrum of manifestations on imaging. nonetheless additional brokers produce particularly nonspecific adjustments on imaging, requiring a differential analysis. during this e-book, informative situations are depicted by way of wealthy photos, with concise accompanying explanatory textual content that studies the category of agent and the mechanism of motion and discusses photo interpretation and its importance.

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Have you visible anything that wasn't relatively there? Heard anyone name your identify in an empty condo? Sensed anyone following you and circled to discover nothing?

Hallucinations don’t belong absolutely to the insane. even more regularly, they're associated with sensory deprivation, intoxication, disorder, or damage. individuals with migraines may even see shimmering arcs of sunshine or tiny, Lilliputian figures of animals and other people. individuals with failing eyesight, sarcastically, may well turn into immersed in a hallucinatory visible global. Hallucinations might be because of an easy fever or perhaps the act of waking or falling asleep, whilst humans have visions starting from luminous blobs of colour to fantastically unique faces or terrifying ogres. those people who are bereaved may well obtain comforting “visits” from the departed. In a few stipulations, hallucinations may end up in spiritual epiphanies or perhaps the sensation of leaving one’s personal physique.

Humans have regularly sought such life-changing visions, and for millions of years have used hallucinogenic compounds to accomplish them. As a tender physician in California within the Nineteen Sixties, Oliver Sacks had either a private and a pro curiosity in psychedelics. those, with his early migraine studies, introduced a lifelong research into the sorts of hallucinatory adventure.

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Smoking-Induced Nasopharyngeal Lymphoid Hyperplasia Heavy tobacco smoking has been linked to the development of nasopharyngeal lymphoid hyperplasia, which is characterized by the presence of cytotoxic lymphocytes in the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The adenoids may be obstructive in up to 30 % of heavy smokers. On imaging, there is diffuse symmetric enlargement of the adenoidal tissues (Fig. 19). Nevertheless, 1 Tobacco a Fig. 20 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Post-contrast T1-weighted MR images (a, b) show a bulky mass centered in the left fossa of Rosenmuller (arrow).

The main clinical presentation of RCVS is sudden-onset severe thunderclap headache associated with photophobia, nausea, and vomiting. T. Ginat et al. C. Ang et al. 42 a b Fig. 1 RCVS in the setting of marijuana use. The patient presented with acute thunderclap headache after smoking cannabis. Coronal MIP MRA (a) performed 24 h after symptom onset demonstrates multifocal areas of posterior circulation cerebral vasoconstriction (arrows). Coronal MIP MRA of the vertebrobasilar system performed 4 months later (b) shows resolution of changes is the presence of alternating multifocal large to medium arterial constriction and dilation, resulting in the characteristic “sausage on a string” appearance on cerebral angiography (Fig.

MR findings in methanol intoxication. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 1995;16:1783–6. Halavaara J, Valanne L, Setala K. Neuroimaging supports the clinical diagnosis of methanol poisoning. Neuroradiology. 2002;44:924–8. Sefidbakht S, Rasekhi AR, Kamali K, Borhani Haghighi A, Salooti A, Meshksar A, Abbasi HR, Moghadami M, Nabavizadeh SA. Methanol poisoning: acute MR and CT findings in nine patients. Neuroradiology. 2007;49(5):427–35. 4 Cannabis (Marijuana) Eileen C. Ang, Stephen L. Stuckey, Daniel Thomas Ginat, and Ronil V.

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