Money and Government in the Roman Empire by Richard Duncan-Jones

By Richard Duncan-Jones

This e-book discusses minting and fiscal coverage within the first 3 centuries of the Roman Empire. through learning Roman coin-survivals in a much broader context, the writer uncovers vital evidence concerning the foundation of coin hoards of the Principate. The ensuing analyses use vast coin fabric accrued for the 1st time. Dr. Duncan-Jones builds up an image of minting, monetary coverage and fiscal circulate that provides considerably to our wisdom and that stands because the in basic terms learn of its variety for this era.

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4. 127 128 P. 104. 4. P. 248. 8). Table A. 1 p. 249. 134 The treasury is said to have been virtually empty at the time of Commodus's sudden death (Table I . I , no. 4. PHASE 4: AD 192-235 The civil war which followed lasted longer than the war of 68-70, and must have consumed immense resources. But Septimius Severus was still able within a few years to take the dramatic step of increasing army pay, probably by one-third (p. 33). He also maintained average spending on handouts at Commodus's very high level (p.

Claud. 2 ('300' knights, cf. 1; Tac. Ann. 43; Seneca, Apocol. 10-11. For bona damnatorum, see pp. 5-6 above. 12 THE ECONOMICS OF EMPIRE Financially, Nero's reign in some ways reverts to the pattern of Caligula, with early popularity, followed by immense expenditures, and a resort to large-scale seizure of property. 94 This again has little normative value. Nevertheless, there are possible suggestions of underlying financial strength in Nero's cancellation of 2% and i\% taxes, although this was followed by the introduction of new taxes.

129 n . n . 3;. Paus. 6; Bodei Giglioni 1974, 199-204. P. 129. 2; HA Had. 1431 with Millar 1977, 421; Bodei Giglioni 1974, 205-7. F ° r imperial building in the provinces, see MacMullen 1959. 114 115 Boatwright 1987. P. 6. 5. I17 Duncan-Jones 1990, 66. BMC RE 3, clxxiii-clxxiv. Johnson nos. 35,319, pp. 108,522. For economic measures, and building boom, see Duncan-Jones 1990, 66. For the mechanics of Hadrian's provincial building programme, see Arrian Peripl. , with its criticisms of new building which included an inadequate statue of Hadrian.

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