Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Course 3, Student by McGraw-Hill Education

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Mathematics: functions and Concepts is a three-text center institution sequence meant to bridge the space from effortless arithmetic to school arithmetic. this system is designed to encourage heart college scholars, allow them to determine the usefulness of arithmetic on the earth round them, increase their fluency within the language of arithmetic, and get ready them for fulfillment in Algebra and Geometry.

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5. HOBBIES Lucero put 4 pounds of sunflower seeds in her bird feeder on Sunday. On Friday, the bird feeder was empty, so she put 4 more pounds of seed in it. The following Sunday, the seeds were half gone. How many pounds of sunflower seeds were eaten that week? 6. C. There are 123 students and 4 teachers on the Tiger team and 115 students and 4 teachers on the Waves team. If one bus holds 64 people, how many buses are needed for the trip? Use the four-step plan to solve each problem. 7. FOOD Almost 90 million jars of a popular brand of peanut butter are sold annually.

10. 20 Ϫ Ϫ3 9. Ϫ5 11. Ϫ16 ϩ Ϫ12 Evaluate each expression if x ϭ Ϫ10 and y ϭ 6. 12. 3 ϩ x 13. x Ϫ y 14. 3y Write an integer for each situation. 15. a loss of 2 hours 16. earning $45 17. a gain of 4 ounces 18. 13° below zero 19. a $60 deposit 20. spending $25 For Exercises See Examples 15–20, 50 1, 2 21–32, 52 3, 4 33–36, 49 5 37–48 6, 7 52–57 8 Graph each set of integers on a number line. 21. {Ϫ1, 4, Ϫ7} 22. {0, Ϫ5, 3, 8} 23. {Ϫ2, Ϫ8, Ϫ4, Ϫ9} 24. {Ϫ4, 0, Ϫ6, Ϫ1, 2} Replace each 25.

Then find the product. Multiplication is repeated addition. So, 3(Ϫ120) means that Ϫ120 is used as an addend 3 times. 3(Ϫ120) ϭ Ϫ120 ϩ (Ϫ120) ϩ (Ϫ120) ϭ Ϫ360 Ϫ120 Ϫ360 Ϫ120 Ϫ240 Ϫ120 Ϫ120 0 120 By the Commutative Property of Multiplication, 3(Ϫ120) ϭ Ϫ120(3). This example suggests the following rule. Key Concept: Multiply Integers with Different Signs Words The product of two integers with different signs is negative. Examples 2(Ϫ5) ϭ Ϫ10 Ϫ5(2) ϭ Ϫ10 Multiply Integers with Different Signs Find 6(Ϫ8).

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