Magic (GURPS, 4th Edition) by Steve Jackson

By Steve Jackson

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Duration: 1 hour. Cost: Varies; never less than 3. One third (round up) to maintain. Time to cast: 10 seconds. Prerequisites: Magery 3, Shapeshift Others for the appropriate animal, and Alter Body. Item The item’s form depends on the body part affected – gloves to shapeshift the hands, boots for the feet, a mask for the face, and so on. It ANIMAL SPELLS must bear a likeness of the shape to be taken. There is no cost to maintain; the spell ends when the user mimics pulling off the item. Energy cost to create: 1,000 plus 250 per point of casting cost.

Permanent Shapeshifting (VH) Regular Like Shapeshifting, but the subject remains in animal form until he chooses to resume his normal form. He must roll for IQ loss daily rather than hourly. Duration: Indefinite (could be permanent). Cost: 5 times the cost of the corresponding Shapeshifting spell. Time to cast: 1 minute. Prerequisites: Magery 3 and Shapeshifting for that form. Item (a) Jewelry. The item must bear a picture of the form to be taken. Usable only by a mage or a descendant of a natural were.

Item (a) Any. Always on; only affects the wearer. Energy cost to create: 300. (b) Staff or wand. Usable only by mages; the item must touch the subject. Energy cost to create: 400. 39 Agonize Regular; Resisted by HT Magnifies the subject’s sense of touch to painful levels: a gentle touch feels like a blow, someone else’s breath feels like a scorching flame, a cool breeze feels like a freezing blast. Even the contact of his own clothes becomes unbearable; the subject feels like his skin is being scraped raw.

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