Lost Scrolls: The Ancient and Medieval World at War (Field by Richard Bodley Scott

By Richard Bodley Scott

"Lost Scrolls, the thirteenth and ultimate box of Glory significant other" provides a number of the armies commonly asked by way of individuals of the sphere of Glory neighborhood. From Beja and Tuareg hordes to Vietnamese and German urban League armies, there's something for everybody to be present in the misplaced Scrolls. This quantity additionally comprises Seven Hills, a mini-theme for box of Glory campaigns, protecting Etruscans, Samnites, Horatius on the bridge and the entire armies and enemies of the early Roman Republic.

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Diplomatic links were well established with the Byzantine Empire, which supported the Axumite King Kaleb in the early 6th century for a major military expedition to the Himyar Kingdom in south-west Arabia. With the rise of Islam in the 7th century, Axum became TROOP NOTES The Axumite army was organised into regiments (sarawit) of unknown size, each with its own regional, tribal or possibly functional name. It is probable that most of these were levy troops although there was probably a small professional guard or core as in later medieval Ethiopia.

55 ETRUSCAN LEAGUE UMBRIAN ALLIES 4–6 BEJA, NILE VALLEY BLEMMYE OR EARLY NOBATAE This list covers Beja (desert Blemmye) forces from 250 to 1500 AD, and Nile valley Blemmye or Nobatae forces from 298 to 550 AD. It can be used in themed tournaments based on Field of Glory Companion 5: Legions Triumphant or Field of Glory Companion 7: Decline and Fall. The Blemmye were a nomadic people living in the desert between the Nile and the Red Sea from at least the 1st century BC. They began to raid Roman Egypt in the 3rd century AD.

Many are depicted unarmoured and shieldless. Others have shields and/or armour. LATIN SAMNITE CAMPANIAN APULIAN, LUCANIAN OR BRUTTIAN EARLY NOMAD EARLY HIGHLAND RAIDERS EARLY ELAMITE AMORITE KINGDOMS VIETNAMESE PRE-ISLAMIC ARABIAN LATER PRE-ISLAMIC BEDOUIN AXUMITE BEJA, NILE VALLEY BLEMMYE OR EARLY NOBATAE TUAREG MEDIEVAL GERMAN CITY LEAGUES Apulian Javelinmen LATER MEDIEVAL FEUDAL GERMAN LATER MEDIEVAL FRISIAN OR DITHMARSCHEN APPENDIX 1 – USING THE LISTS APPENDIX 2 – THEMED TOURNAMENTS 31 LOST SCROLLS LUCANIAN STARTER ARMY Commander-in-Chief Sub-commanders 1 2 Cavalry 2 BGs Armoured javelinmen 3 BGs Other javelinmen 4 BGs Skirmishers 2 BGs Camp Total 1 11 BGs Troop Commander 2 x Troop Commander Each comprising 4 bases of cavalry: Superior, Armoured, Undrilled Cavalry – Light Spear, Swordsmen Each comprising 6 bases of armoured javelinmen: Average, Armoured, Drilled Medium Foot – Light Spear, Swordsmen Each comprising 6 bases of other javelinmen: Average, Protected, Drilled Medium Foot – Light Spear, Swordsmen Each comprising 8 bases of skirmishers: Poor, Unprotected, Drilled Light Foot – Javelins, Light Spear Unfortified camp Camp, 8 mounted bases, 58 foot bases, 3 commanders BUILDING A CUSTOMISED LIST USING OUR ARMY POINTS instructions apply to this army: • Commanders should be depicted as cavalry.

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