Little Chimp and the Termites (PM Plus) by Beverley Randell

By Beverley Randell

A pack of 6 PM PLUS titles to aid guided studying at Key degree 1. The PM PLUS books are an extension of the PM sequence, delivering extra titles at every one point for additional breadth and aid.

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Bodies are shackled, and women are thrust into bondage – entangled in fetters of lust. We want to live for you alone. We want to do as you direct – in you, our selfish will to silence, whatever grieves you to reject. Under mountains of lies our work is stalled – by the weight of deceit, by the fetters of fraud. What you require of us, you give! All that you promise, you fulfill! The radiance of your sun is love, and strength to live, your holy will. The battle is stalled in the grudges of yore, in decay and defeat – in the fetters of war.

How sweet our peace when we rest in him, serene and still, in word and song forever praising him, and living by his will! Follow the Lamb! How powerfully he guides us on at every step! Through deepest pain, through greatest effort we are carried by his strength. Follow the Lamb! How blest our hope in the dawn of that all-glorious Day! What oppressed us has now vanished – forevermore we’ll sing his praise! ” After grappling with the question of baptism for four months, he now felt that “scripture recognizes only one baptism, the baptism of those who have be­ come believers.

But then: above the rocky ridge the red and shimmering sun breaks through like sunbeam-seeds on glistening dew. Flames of sunlight, flares of heaven – blaze up brighter, hotter, higher – paint the sky with floods of fire. Winds are blowing, moving, weaving, with ethereal pureness breathing new light into lifeless stones. Over deer and chamois streaming, sunlight falls, on sheer cliffs gleaming – what grand heights, what majesty! How small is man! With trembling heart I see the high peaks’ pureness, start to live again, for I see God.

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