Lessons for myself: Getting out of my neighborhood BOX! by Alberto O Cappas

By Alberto O Cappas

Easy classes for adolescents to procure the severe realizing and mind-set at an early age to take direct keep watch over in their psychological colleges and protect themselves opposed to the manipulation of peer strain.

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5. Risk-taking: when faced with the decision between a positive opportunity and a positive risk, take the risk; but know that “risk” is not impulse. It is the choice we make based on the truth we want to live. 6. Community Environment: Don’t follow the hood; let the hood learn from you. Show them the light! 7. Disappointment: Learn from your disappointments, see them as lessons – and continue to move forward… 51 8. Association: Stay away from people who always see the glass half empty and only ignite negative energy.

Association: Stay away from people who always see the glass half empty and only ignite negative energy. Always work on the mindset to see the glass half-full. And last but not least, always remember that the face of adversity and obstacles are key elements in the journey toward your growth and development as a human being. They are there to stimulate and test you to determine if you have what it takes to move forward in your journey. The key is to see adversity and obstacles as an opportunity to grow in your quest.

Is difficult to Concept: something that somebody has thought up; or that somebody might be able to imagine; a broad abstract idea or a guiding general principle; such as one that determines how a person or culture behaves; or how nature; reality; or events are perceived; a method; plan; or type of product or design. Conceptual: coming from or belonging to the concepts; ideas; or principles something is based on. Education: the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning; especially at a school or similar institution; the knowledge or abilities gained through being educated; training and instruction in a particular subject; for example; political science… 40 Decision: choice; result; verdict; pronouncement; judgment; resolution; evaluation; something that somebody chooses or makes up his or her mind about; after considering it and other possible choices; the ability to choose or decide about things in a clear and definite way without too much hesitation or delay; the process of coming to a conclusion or determination about something… Individual: a particular person; distinct from others in a group; strikingly personal; unusual; or distinctive… Language: the speech of a country; region; or group of people; including its diction; syntax; and grammar; the human use of spoken or written words as a communication system; a system of communication with its own set of conventions or special words; the verbal style by which people express themselves… 41 Pledge: a vow, a promise one makes, a word of honor… Principle: an important underlying law or assumption required in a system of thought; a standard of moral or ethical decision-making; the basic way in which something works… Religion: beliefs and worship; people’s beliefs and opinions concerning the existence; nature; and worship of a God or Gods; and divine involvement in the universe and human life; a particular institutionalized or personal system of belief and practices relating to the divine; a set of strongly-held beliefs; values; and attitudes that somebody live by.

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