Leadership and Discovery (Jepson Studies in Leadership) by George R. Goethals and J. Thomas Wren (Editors)

By George R. Goethals and J. Thomas Wren (Editors)

Management and Discovery explores the belief of management through forthcoming discovery because the made from interplay and collaboration, and during quite a lot of issues: from the invention of the recent international via Christopher Columbus to the NASA area Program.  participants comprise historian Felipe Fern?ndez-Armesto, astronomer Karen Kwitter, psychologist David A. Dunning, theologian Ronald F. Thiemann, and previous NASA astronaut Jeffrey A. Hoffman.

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As a consequence, telescope time, the chief astronomical research commodity, is scarcer for most. A telescope’s light-gathering power, or LGP, determines how faint an object it can detect. The LGP depends on the area of the telescope’s mirror, which is in turn proportional to the square of the mirror’s diameter. 14 The rest was in the hands of individual institutions or consortia of institutions. , Lowell Observatory in Arizona). As for the future of leadership in astronomy, while there will always be room for the aha’s of sudden insight and development of groundbreaking technical innovation (neither of which is, after all, predictable), astronomical leadership appears destined to lie mainly in being able to assemble medium-to-large collaborations of astronomers.

12 Though we are still far from finding another Earth (which will have to await dedicated space-based telescope missions), the critical first step of incontrovertible exoplanet detection has been taken. Type C Progress in addressing many modern astronomical questions requires much more in the way of effort and resources than a single person or even a single institution can contribute. ) The third prototype of leadership in discovery, certainly not limited to astronomy, is a product of this trend in the modern scientific enterprise and would have been unthinkable throughout most of scientific history, with the possible exception of the head priests in ancient Babylon or Egypt.

Thus, in addition to being an accomplished scientist, the leader must be charismatic, dynamic, and politically astute, attributes not part of the astronomer’s traditional skill set. The seemingly endless meetings, conference calls, e-mails, interim reports, abstracts, 20 Karen B. Kwitter presentations, plus assorted fires to put out, leave precious little time for actual research. The ever-present challenge for a Type C leader is to remain connected to the science. Wendy Freedman When the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1991, its defined purpose was to address three specific questions in astronomy.

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