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By Penny Warner

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Seven-Up: Give one child a rubber ball and have him or her bounce the ball seven times. In between each bounce he or she must do a stunt or trick, such as clap hands, duck down, spin around, and so on. Wacky Ball: Give each guest a Ping-Pong ball and have him or her tape a coin to it. Then have the kids try to roll the balls from a starting line to a finish line. ● ● ● ● FOOD ● ● ● ● ● VARIATIONS ● ● Take them out to a ball game! Mix the balls and games—play volleyball with a football, Ping-Pong with a tennis ball, baseball with a soccer ball, and football with a beachball.

Gently water the top of the Dino. Tell the kids to take home their Grow-A-Sauruses and in a few days their Dinosaur Plants will grow spikes! ● VARIATIONS ● Take the kids to a museum that features dinosaur fossils. HELPFUL HINTS ● 37 Read a book or watch a video about dinosaurs at the beginning of the party to get the kids in the mood for the party. A G E S 6 T O 1 0 DOWN ON THE FARM PARTY Say goodbye to city life and gather the young farmers for a day in the barnyard. There’s plenty to do down on the farm.

COSTUMES ● ● Ask the kids to attach balls to themselves in creative ways, such as tied to their shoes, hanging from their belt loops, or worn as part of a hat. Suggest the kids dress as favorite sports players. DECORATIONS ● 20 Cut out giant paper balls from large sheets of construction paper or poster board. Decorate balls to represent A G E S 6 T O 1 2 GAMES ● ● ● ● ● ● different sports, such as football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and golf. Hang beach balls along the fence or place them around the yard.

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