In the days of Alfred the Great by Eva March Tappan

By Eva March Tappan

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She was continually planning something to make him more comfort- 40 THE DAYS OF ALFRED IN able, or to amuse him on she said " Alfred, I One day his journey. : am going to give you a gold chain to wear around your neck, and a pretty gold jewel Now what shall the picture be ? to hang on it. ' " Yes," said Alfred, and some red roses ; but Shall I don't want a helmet. " " And said. " shall his tunic thought seriously for a minute, be ' Alfred ? " The jewel was made, and the bishop blessed it, and the queen hung it around Alfred's neck, OSBURGA STOOD IN THE DOOR OF THE PALACE WITH ALFRED CLINGING TO HER.

Thorl's armorer loved him, and he had secretly had a rune cut on the inside of the handle where the king would never see it ; but Jarl's armorer hated him, and so there was no rune on his and the men stood, each with the other's sword run clear through him. But Jarl's sword sword ; sprang out from Thorl's body, and no one ever saw it was no it, It again, scar. and the wound closed, and there But Thorl's sword had a rune on it did not spring out of the wound. " Alfred and Hilda had seated themselves under a tree not far from the great rock that stood hut of the smith.

Page 41. ALFRED GOES TO LONDON and before many days They were going it was time 41 to start. as directly as they could to the Thames, and then by boat to London. There they expected to stay for a few days and river then to sail for France. The morning came. bank far as the The king was going of the river, so he rode first, as as he had done at Ethelswitha's wedding, with AlThen came Bishop fred on his horse before him. who was to be Alfred's especial guarthen dian, Wynfreda the nurse and two other women to assist her ; and then came a long retinue of armed men, for the king's son must Swithin, go in state.

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