Hunter-Book Visionary (Hunter: The Reckoning) by Adam Tinworth, Tommy Lee Edwards

By Adam Tinworth, Tommy Lee Edwards

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That’s probably a defining mental characteristicthat comes into play when the Heralds select them. Sure, some of them are pretty whacked out, and some of them can be really bitchyfromtime to time, but deep down, underneath all the crap of life, they like other people and they like to help. Unfortunately, that seems to go handin handwith foolishness for many of them. You need to be careful when you’re working with someone like that, because they won’t listen toyour warnings, and they can be fiercely independent a t the dumbest damn times.

If he is corrupted, because of his good heart, the blame will lie with me. I cannot decide if it is more important to gather the data or to keep Stefan safe from himself. I am a coward, for I hide from that decision. I caution Stefan to be careful, but I let him gather more and more information for me. And each night I fear he will not come home from his talk with the monsters. 7m maty cyw+&a4 8n 2 ~ ViZdLLCZRe +optimcatLcribaLtach~. “+-d& *~m&G&~,6utin&urd&+m &&&’t mw&. 7M4&4h#. From cassie247 The Evaluators are often nit-pickers, pedants and sophists.

I could not tell what it was, but it seemed like there were two people inside the same body. It was very disturbing. For a while, I thought perhaps all this had happened to me, that something that had come inside me and made me see these things. That woman made me wonder who I had become, or at least who might have joined me. So I looked in the mirror and studied myself in the same way I saw that first time. But I could see nothing different. I saw nothing special about Matze, either, so I took solace that I was not host to another.

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