Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations by The Great Courses, Professor Brian M. Fagan, Brian M.

By The Great Courses, Professor Brian M. Fagan, Brian M. Fagan, The Great Courses

Where will we come from? How did our ancestors settle this planet? How did the good ancient civilizations of the realm strengthen? How does a previous so shadowy that it should be painstakingly reconstructed from fragmentary, principally unwritten files still make us who and what we are?

These 36 lectures convey you the solutions that the most recent medical and archaeological examine and theorizing recommend approximately human origins, how populations constructed, and the ways that civilizations unfold through the globe. it is a narrative of the tale of human origins and the numerous ties that also bind us deeply to the realm ahead of writing. And it is a global journey of prehistory with profound hyperlinks to who we're and the way we are living at the present time.

Woven via this narrative is a collection of pervasive topics: rising human organic and cultural variety (as good as our striking similarities throughout miraculous expanses of time and space); the impression of human diversifications to climatic and environmental swap; and the significance of seeing prehistory no longer in basic terms as a chronicle of archaeological websites and artifacts, yet of individuals behaving with the intense highbrow, religious, and emotional dynamism that distinguish the human. one of the corners of our mysterious prior you are going to discover: human prehistory from Australopithecus africanus via Homo habilis and Homo erectus; the beginnings of agriculture and animal domestication; theories at the back of the looks of city civilization and total attributes of preindustrial civilizations; the maritime buying and selling revolutions in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia; and masses extra.

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We now know that it never existed. The earliest time that people could have passed south overland would have been after 15,000 years ago, probably somewhat later. B. There is no evidence for coastal migration, but it is entirely possible that some groups moved southward along the coast into the Pacific Northwest. C. The earliest archaeological evidence for human settlement south of the ice sheets is also disputed, but a series of sites hints at occupation after 14,000 years ago. 1. The Monte Verde site in southern Chile has been radiocarbon dated to around 14,000 years ago, the earliest well-documented human settlement.

Many Cro-Magnon groups lived in much closer juxtaposition to one another than their predecessors ever had. Some of them achieved considerable social elaboration, of a type never seen before, with both kin leaders and shamans playing an important role in social, political, and religious life. VII. The climax of the Cro-Magnon societies came with the Magdalenian culture of southwestern France and northern Spain, with its superb ceremonial artifacts and magnificent art tradition (named after the La Madeline rock shelter in France’s Vezère River valley), which flourished from about 18,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Most contemporary thinking gives humans a limited role in extinction. Systematic predation on mammoth, mastodon, and other slow-breeding species may have accelerated the extinction of populations already under stress from climate change. II. After 11,000 years ago, Paleo-Indian societies continued to flourish throughout the Americas, as they adapted to a great array of different environments—everything from ocean coasts, river valleys, and lake floors to desert, temperate woodland, and tropical rain forest.

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