How and Why Wonder Book Electricity by Jerome J. Notkin, Sidney Gulkin, Robert Patterson, Charles

By Jerome J. Notkin, Sidney Gulkin, Robert Patterson, Charles Bernard

Whilst a city stands nonetheless for 8 hours, it truly is lacking anything amazing very important. One such city stood nonetheless as the electrical energy stopped. This used to be so much inconvenient for everybody, however it did make a boy named Mike and his sister Susan Jane give it some thought. They have been jam-packed with questions: what's electrical energy? How can we make electrical energy? How does electrical energy get to our city? simply as Mike and his sister discover the wonders of electrical energy with their father, so will inquisitive childrens far and wide get solutions to their questions on electrical energy as they learn this ebook. just like the others within the How and Why ask yourself publication sequence, this technology booklet is real and colourful and will be learn with curiosity via the entire kin.

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TO HOW CAN WE G IV E US C O N N E CT MORE POWER TWO D RY C E LLS THAN ONE CELL ? You will use: Two dry cells Wire Switch Flashlight bulb Miniature socket Do this: Do you remember how bright the bulb was in A ctivity No. 2? Now let's see what happens when we add another dry cell to the circuit. Of course, it has to be connected properly. Connect one wire between the center terminal of cell 1 and the end terminal of cell 2 . The remainder o f the connections are similar to the way you did them in the previous activity.

The fuse protects us by burning out. If the fuse were not there, the wires would have become hotter and hotter. This could have resulted in a fire. terminals of a miniature socket. Connect the other end of one of these wires to a dry cell terminal. Connect the other end of the second wire to one of the thumbtacks of your fuse board. Be sure that the stripped end of the wire is in contact with the metal of the tack. Connect a third wire between the remaining dry cell terminal and the remaining thumbtack.

7. Touch the two free ends of the wires together briefly. The light will go on. Cardboard Hold the cardboard so that you canĀ­ Nail not see how the wires are connected. Do this: Use the nail to punch six holes down the left side of a piece of cardboard, and six holes down the right side. Place the end of one wire in any hole at the left and the other end in any hole at the right. Strip the insulation from the ends of the wire and secure it in place. Repeat this with five other wires. You now have six wires in place in a haphazard way.

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