History of Italian Philosophy (Vol. 1, 2) by Garin Eugenio

By Garin Eugenio

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Enlightenment historiography, separating from the course of history the classic world as an ideal model and considering the Middle Ages to be engulfed in the darkness of barbarism, remained faithful to the polemics of the first Renaissance by opposing the splendor of the fifteenth century to the wilderness of barbarism that closed and oppressed the mind of human beings. ” But let the historian speak: “Before 1453 western philosophy had only one face (unus erat toto philosophiae vultus in Occidente).

2, p. 93) from condemning the Scholastic obscurity of Dante. ” Appiano Buonafede, the modest Italian compiler of the works of Johann Jakob Brucker, lamented that all the historians who spoke “of letters and literature, as they arrived at the years about the middle of the fifteenth century, identified a style of greater exuberance. With the most florid figures of speech, they recognized that they were finally coming out of the barren lands, the naked mountains, the woods, the thorn-bushes, the quagmires, and were at last stepping on cultivated fields, among vineyards, walking through gardens and charming estates.

Who does not see that the famous Hegel, allow me to say it concisely, in its substance is a renewal (pejorative at times) of Pythagoreanism and a return to the infant philosophy of Gentilism? It is undoubted that Italy has been the cradle of philosophy in the Occident. Pythagoras, Italian rather than Greek, nourished with ancient Doric, Etruscan, and Pelasgian wisdom, who founded the Italian school, is the most splendid portrait that history gives us of the first Italian genius. The Pythagoreans were the prophetic forerunners of Dante, Kepler, Galileo, and Copernicus.

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