High Medieval (Roleplaying Omni, d20 lite RPG) by Scott Agnew

By Scott Agnew

Excessive Medieval is a different and interesting new crusade environment designed utilizing Morrigan's new Omni RPG method and released below the Open online game License. in contrast to different settings, excessive Medieval makes an attempt to be traditionally exact whereas nonetheless preserving the fable parts that almost all role-players recognize and love. primarily, the realm of excessive Medieval is an alternative model of our personal background the place the folklore and legends of medieval cultures are genuine instead of imagined. Fairies and goblins rather do dwell within the distant components of the woodland and dwarves do mine mineral riches deep within the mountains of the north. most significantly, magic relatively exists and is obvious as a relentless chance by means of the dominant strength in medieval Europe, the Church of Rome.

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It can be a prosperous position for many young men, for with the founding of new towns all over Europe and the constant expansion of current settlements, trained workers are much in demand across the continent. In addition to the offers of work, the journeyman also gains the opportunity to work with others in his guild, and train further alongside masters of the craft. This can only help when he too seeks to become a master, recognized by the guild and paid a premium for his efforts. The path from journeyman to guild master is one that frequently lasts several years, and there really is no average duration with which to compare.

Phase-shift: caster teleported to random location.  Black hole effect: caster and any individuals within 20 feet are drawn into another dimension.  Temporal rift: caster falls backwards (or forwards) in time.  Random spell effect (Gamemaster’s choice). COUNTERSPELLS Any spell or magical effect can be dispelled by casting a counterspell of the same Mode. If the counterspell is of a different Order than the original spell, the spellcaster takes an additional -5 penalty to his casting roll. Counterspells have the same range and duration as regular spells of the same Mode.

This information describes how magic works for members of that Order, and how such spell casters view the practice of Magic. MODES A Mode is a general type of spell-effect, such as Illusion, Conjuration, etc. There are twelve different Modes that together describe all the powers and abilities of High Medieval spellcasters, described in detail in the Chapter 6 - Magic. Players should be familiar with the Modes that 3. GM determines bonuses or penalties (based on the character’s Mode rating, spell level, and other factors); 4.

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