GURPS Psionic Campaigns by Jason Levine

By Jason Levine

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Personal Awareness, Tolerance). The Skeptic perk deserves special mention; assuming that it is spread evenly throughout the population, the penalties for being watched by a certain number of “skeptics” can be generalized to penalties for being watched by a certain number of people, depending on how common the perk is. UNIQUE CHALLENGES 31 Overusing Countermeasures Of all the ways to keep psi in line, countermeasures are arguably the simplest. Want to keep espers out of a room? Wrap it in psychotronic “tin foil” that blocks remote viewing!

One ability for starting psis, 13-14. One power for starting psis, 14. Open selection of abilities, 11. Open selection of powers, 12. Oracle advantage, potential problems with, 28. Other powers and psi, 17, 21. Overcoming difficulties of psionics, 28-35. Overusing countermeasures, 32, 35. Parapsychology, 4, 5, 18. Patron advantage, 17, 23. Patronage, 23. PC trait suggestions, 6-8. Personal journeys (campaign frame), 21. Personal magnetism, 5. Personal restraint as psi-use deterrent, 34. Photokinetic stealth, potential problems with, 30.

When everyone knows For game purposes, psi-tech allows the GM to make fear of that a person is a pyro, it can be very hard to convince them detection an issue even with no other psis around. For simplicthat it must have been some other pyro who spontaneously ity, each device can just be given an appropriate psionic ability combusted one of his coworkers. and skill level. The suggestion about mundane devices is appliSome psis are open about their powers and abilities; even cable here, as well – even if intentional psychotronics are not then, most adventurers have to do things that are rude, sneaky, common, normal electronics may fill the gap.

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