Gurps High-Tech by S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch

By S. A. Fisher, Michael Hurst, Hans-Christian Vortisch

All of the apparatus is right here! In 256 meticulously researched pages, GURPS High-Tech provides descriptions and stats for 1000s of different types of historic guns and private armor, autos from the stagecoach to fashionable helicopters, and masses extra. GURPS High-Tech additionally has the apparatus and devices characters want. verbal exchange, from early telegraphs to fashionable desktops; instruments of the exchange for detectives, spies, and thieves; camping out apparatus, rations, and first-aid kits; enterprise playing cards, watches, and classy duds - this booklet has every little thing, for encounters from the desolate tract to excessive society and every thing in among. GURPS High-Tech is the total source for gear from the 18th century during the sleek age, and may be favored via video game Masters it doesn't matter what procedure they use!

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