GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns (4th Edition) by Steve Jackson

By Steve Jackson

With GURPS, you will be an individual you will have - an elf hero scuffling with for the forces of fine, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover project, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a strength sword in his hand and a gorgeous girl by way of his facet . . . or actually the rest! GURPS has been the most effective common roleplaying online game for nearly twenty years. the hot Fourth variation makes it even larger! GURPS easy Set: Campaigns combines info from the 3rd version GURPS easy Set and GURPS Compendium II - plus our new middle surroundings, with limitless percentages for timeline-hopping event! (You wouldn't have to play within the center surroundings - there is not a few game-altering metaplot - yet it really is there if you would like it.)

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382). Finally, a Ready maneuver lets you switch an advantage “off” or “on” if it is not always on and does not require an Attack or Concentrate maneuver to use. For more information, see Readying Weapons and Other Gear (p. 382) and When Is a Weapon Ready? (p. 382). Movement: Step. Active Defense: Any. , a foe moves into range. If that happens, you may transform your Wait into an Attack, Feint, All-Out Attack (you must specify the option before acting), or Ready maneuver. If you are reacting to someone else, this interrupts his turn, but he can resume it after you’ve acted.

If your opponent attacked you with a maneuver that allows a step, but has not yet taken his step, he can choose to follow you by taking his unused step. In effect, he is forcing you back! You can retreat only once during your turn. In other words, once you retreat, you may not retreat again until after your next turn. You cannot retreat while in a sitting or kneeling posture, or while stunned. You also cannot retreat if you moved faster than your Basic Move on your last turn (that is, if you were sprinting or using Enhanced Move).

First, ask if your foe is trying to stop you. If he chooses to let you past, you “evade” him automatically – no roll is needed. If your foe wants to stop you, roll a Quick Contest of DX. Modify your DX as follows: -5 if your foe is standing up. -2 if your foe is kneeling. +2 if you are approaching your foe from his right or left side. COMBAT +5 if you are approaching your foe from behind. +5 if your foe is lying down. If you win, you evade him and are free to move on. If you lose or tie, he got in your way and stopped you.

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