Growing big and Strong by J. Mace Andress

By J. Mace Andress

Система здорового воспитания детей и подростков. Американизированный способ гармоничного развития личности, отраженный в книге ведущих американских педиатров, врачей и психологов начала двадцатого века. Книга не утратила своей актуальности. Идеи из этого труда используются сегодня с не меньшей интенсивностью, что и восемьдесят лет назад. Воздух, вода, психическая уравновешенность, труд – вот пути к воспитанию здорового человека.

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People had to pick the vegetables and get them ready. 16 Many others had II to put them in cans and cook them. Still other people had to bring the cans to the grocery store. In wintertime, in the north, the ground may be No vegetables covered with snow. But in the are growing in the garden. grocery store every day there are fruits and vegetables for to eat. you Try This Test Choose the best ending following sentences. ) from far-away places from many places are fresh vegetables in cans to bring us fresh fruit and vegetables 1.

32 Grow Foods "Proteins Mother called Jim and his father to : ' supper. Mother/' said Jim, "I will eat heat food and go food for supper. say that another way. " Mother laughed. "I think you need another kind ' One man food, of these days like she too/ you want said. " Jim looked up " 9 of Oh, yes every day. " ! at his father. he said. " " you will have to eat a lot of grow food. Your bones will have to grow. Your muscles will Well," said Father, have to grow. " "Yes," think food Your whole body laughed Jim.

Us than any other food eat. Milk helps to make strong bones. Milk helps to make good teeth. Milk helps to make strong muscles. Milk tastes good. Drink plenty of milk. a growing children to have a glassful of milk at breakfast, a glassful of milk at lunch, and a glassful It is fine thing for of milk at suppertime. A glass of warm milk just before you go to bed will help you to sleep better. , 3 Good and Bad Things to Drink Milk or Coffee for Children? Once upon a time there were two little white rats.

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