Ghouls (Vampire The Requiem) by Chuck Wendig

By Chuck Wendig

Thralls of the Damned Slaves to the addictive style of vampiric Vitae, ghouls alternate servitude for that heady substance. Servitude, besides the fact that, damns them excess of they be aware of, as their unnatural yearning drives them to ever larger desperation and depravity. between these referred to as blood slaves, there isn't any such factor as "just one fix." certain to the evening Ghouls examines the lifestyles and lot of these who serve vampiric masters. From in-depth ideas on being a ghoul, to ghoul households and structures for growing them, to Vitae-fed vegetation often called mandragora, this publication totally explores the results of the Blood on mortal lives. Hardcover.

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Alternately, what attracts a human to becoming a ghoul for a vampire of the First Estate? Ghouls are largely chosen for their submissive tendencies. Key to the covenant’s attitude toward thralls is that they are to respect their masters, offer themselves completely and know their place in the hierarchy. Humans who are brash, confident or egomaniacal do not make proper ghouls for the covenant. Not to say that some vampires of the Invictus don’t relish the act of abusing such a person into surrender, but most simply prefer to start out with humans who already know their place.

One item that separates Invictus ghouls from other covenant thralls is the power, or, at least, the potential power, intrinsic to the position. Because ghouls are expected to serve their masters for decades or centuries, they gain more responsibility over time. Responsibility sometimes equates to secrets, stronger Disciplines, even a greater degree of freedom. While it could take 50 years to achieve such advantage, it isn’t an unobtainable dream. She can’t really use it to harm her master, though she can undermine the allies of her master or the machinations of the covenant somewhat — which is extremely unlikely.

Kindred within the Invictus tend to keep the majority of their ghouls for a very long time. Other vampires may go through ghouls relatively quickly, but the Damned of the First Estate are seemingly bound by an unwritten tradition to hold onto thralls for as long as possible. Many ghouls have served their masters for decades, kept alive past their natural life spans due to the Vitae in their bodies. The tradition seems largely underwritten by the oaths that hold the covenant together. While a thrall’s oath to her regnant is significant, also important is that which the regnant promises to the thrall.

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