Games of Divinity: A Compendium of the Divine (Exalted RPG) by Michael Kessler, John Snead, R. Sean Borgstorm

By Michael Kessler, John Snead, R. Sean Borgstorm

The ability of the Little Gods Is large. From the farthest reaches of the fundamental Poles to the heartland of the world, the realm of the Exalted teems with spirits, elementals and demons. a few nonetheless serve the Celestial forms or are held in money by means of the stainless Order. the place the powers that restrain them are susceptible, the little gods rule males and their calls for for worship and sacrifice impoverish countries. This ebook information many spirits and elementals, either susceptible and potent. video games of Divinity additionally covers the Celestial paperwork, in addition to these darkest of spirits, the Yozis,and their demonic minions. A needs to for each Exalted Storyteller and for avid gamers whose characters are steeped in spirit lore. video games of Divinity finds info of the worlds strongest and hazardous population.

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