Footprints of the Welsh Indians: Settlers in North America by William L. Traxel

By William L. Traxel

North American settlers sooner than Columbus

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I found it to be a fascinating and well-documented story about Madoc, a Welsh prince who brought hundreds of settlers to America in 1170 and 1171. Other books followed and Wendell fed my new obsession by sending several articles that he had located, some in obscure places. As I read about these people, their story became a puzzle to me: a puzzle in which some of the pieces did not fit. I became convinced that there were misinterpretations, inaccuracies, and faulty 1 Footprints of the Welsh Indians conclusions in the accounts of these people, which conflicted with what I regarded as reliable facts.

The Black Sea was a large freshwater lake that was losing more water by evaporation than it took in from the frozen rivers and it began to shrink. The Bosporus Channel was not in existence and there was a land bridge between Europe and Asia in its place. The River Sakarya, which had been the effluent channel from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, dried up. The river valley of the Sakarya filled with earth and became a meadow, then a forest. As the level of the Black Sea sank, its coastline receded, exposing a flood plain, which at one time was as much as three hundred feet below the present sea level.

Benthal had heard of the fort but had not found any evidence of its existence on the property. But I still hope that someday, someone will find the location of the old fort because the lower thirty-seven and one half acres, down by the river, are owned by the Archaeology Division of the State of Tennessee and Benthal has done no digs there... Numerous references that I read had linked the Mandan Indian tribe to the Welsh Indians and at last I decided to go to North Dakota, home of the Mandans. I visited there in June, 2003.

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