Everyday Living: Vocabulary (Vocabulary in Context) by Elliott Quinley

By Elliott Quinley

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1. Our LEADTEEG _________________________ to the United Nations is a former senator. 2. The mechanic’s STEAMTIE _________________________ for overhauling the engine seems very high. 3. The wealthy investor purchased a lot of TRYPROPE _________________________ along the coastline. 4. They qualified for a low interest rate on their GROMGATE _________________________ loan. 33 UNIT 2 Lesson 2 EVERYDAY LIVING WORDS Computers and Health Your computer can have adverse effects on your health. Have you ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Compound words dashboard supplement airbags bathroom 3. words with four syllables pedestrians information identify irritability 29 UNIT 2 EVERYDAY LIVING WORDS PREVIEW Here’s an introduction to the vocabulary terms, concepts, and skills you will be studying in this unit. Answers are upside down on the bottom of the page. TRUE OR FALSE Write T or F to show whether each statement is true or false. 1. _____ There are silent letters in the words mortgage and autumn. 2. _____ Before baking biscuits, you must knead the flour.

Then show the same relationship by completing the analogy with a word from the unit. 1. Synonym is to thesaurus as definition is to _________________________. 4. en- is to prefix as -ology is to _________________________. 2. Buy is to rent as purchase is to _________________________. 5. Scrambled is to unscrambled as tencod is to _________________________. 3. Single is to several as symptom is to _________________________. 6. Hands are to keyboard as eyes are to ________________________. d l s s d m HIDDEN WORDS PUZZLE Find and circle the words in the puzzle.

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