Elemental Moon - Necromancer Games (d20 System 3rd Edition by Lance Haxvermale, Andy Luke Crossness

By Lance Haxvermale, Andy Luke Crossness

As soon as every month while the moon vanishes from the sky, darkish horrors emerge from underground to renew their unending attack upon the skin global. Too usually has the beleaguered city of Rookfast suffered this savage destiny - now they need to flip to a band of heroes for deliverance, or be destroyed. no matter if burned via hearth or drowned by means of water, the heroes needs to locate the mettle to recuperate a couple of sacred parts, and in so doing deliver salvation to a city earlier than the subsequent disappearance of the moon. Designed for characters of 12th-14th point, Elemental Moon encompasses a full-length event that may be custom-made for any myth crusade, with dozens of latest magic goods, deities, and monsters don t leave out it!

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The handwriting is very small and tightly compacted, with very few paragraph breaks. Most of the writing is the nonsense of a madman, but astute readers can ascertain the location of the primal water in a passage detailing the various gifts Pzhcnual received from foreign emissaries. One such “gift” was a piece of translucent white rock, quite cool and slippery to the touch. Pzhcnual states that he had this artifact sent to the great domed library for inspection. domed building, its stone as black as that of the Spire.

This mold is deadlier than its standard kin. Failure to save means the PC takes 2d6 points of permanent Constitution damage. Another DC 15 Fortitude save is required 1 minute later to avoid taking an additional 2d6 points of permanent Constitution damage. Fire destroys yellow mold, and sunlight renders it dormant. Inside is what appears to be the wreckage of a common sitting room, with several hooks upon which visitors might have once hung their garments. Only a few pieces of clothing have managed to survive the rot, though all of them are soaked with icy water.

5. Dining Hall (CR 1) Another mostly bare room, a few splinters of wood and some silverware lie in the mud. There is no apparent treasure here, as the table and chairs disintegrated during the building’s time under the lake. The room smells powerfully of water damage and decay. A viper has slithered into this room and lies coiled just beneath the silt; it strikes from concealment if anyone comes within 10’ of it. Medium Viper (snake): CR 1; hp 9. Treasure: A human body lies in the damp sand beneath the snake, the remains of a villager who came to the island shortly after it rose from the depths.

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