Edge (November 2013)

Area journal is with previews and studies on a constrained variety of video games throughout all videogaming codecs. part journal comprises information at the most modern expertise and interviews with the creators of video games and is a very good made magazine.


- November 2013 -

The Division

Grand robbery car V
Titan Fall

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There’s still a semblance of order and hope. It’s up to the player to turn things around With the change of focus comes a new challenge in open-world game design. In a post-apocalyptic setting, the damage has already been done; the world is fixed. Here, the virus is spreading, and with it disorder. The Division’s New York, then, will change as the game progresses, with unattended parts of the map slipping further into chaos. Hultberg refers to the first gameplay video, in which The Division dispatches an opposing force that has taken over a police station before freeing cops trapped in their own cells.

A reductive approach to design seems to lead to better storytelling. Many of the games with a place in the canon of videogames’ most affecting experiences focus on a simple system, or a single mechanic: consider Portal, whose witty humour and character was delicately whittled out of a puzzle-solving game. Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus are both beloved for having illuminated touching fantasy and provoked thought by not fully explicating their universes, and by keeping the player focused on a single task or ruleset.

When one finally makes it onto the roof with a shotgun it’s time to bail, leaping straight into the waiting Titan and rampaging across the map, gunning down enemy Pilots right up to the point when they’re forced to evacuate from the map on their last remaining spawn for a massive XP bonus. Ten minutes, one spawn. It’s possible in Titanfall. “It’s [those stories] that matter,” says McCoy, when asked about the buzz from the show. “Who cares what rendering features we have or dynamic audio generation?

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