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Meg Mackintosh and the Stage Fright Secret: A Solve-It-Yourself Mystery (Meg Mackintosh Mystery series)

During this 8th experience within the renowned Meg waterproof coat secret sequence for younger readers, young children subscribe to Meg in school, the place the secret membership is acting a play. in the course of the twists and turns of the play, a true secret occurs at the degree. younger detective Meg, who's the announcer for the play, needs to use her powers of remark and deduction to unravel such questions as Why did the lighting fixtures exit on the incorrect time?

Telemachus, son of Ulysses

Excerpt from The Adventures of Telemachus, the Son of Ulysses To thofe who've learn this paintings basically as an exercife at fchool, it really is beauties are absolutely unknown; and between them that experience realized Punch during this nation, there's n0t most likely above one in fifty who can now learn it within the unique with extra virtue than a local of gun could learn Pope's Rape of the Lock in a profe tran a non.

See and Spy Counting (Baby Einstein Books)

The idea that of numbers and counting from 1 to five is verified through the infant Einstein characters in quite a few playful, fun eventualities. youngsters will relish discovering, naming, and counting a number of gadgets in each one representation. The publication additionally builds vocabulary, and teaches the names of elements of the physique.

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You can use it to make tunes. indd 51 1/29/07 1:12:54 PM Luke makes tunes on his flute. The tunes are bad! Is his flute in tune? indd 52 1/29/07 1:12:55 PM Jude can not listen. Is it rude to tell Luke to tune his flute? indd 53 1/29/07 1:13:03 PM Luke stops and looks in his flute. What is stuck in it? It blocks the tube. indd 54 1/29/07 1:13:07 PM Yuck! It is a prune. A prune is stuck in the flute! Luke uses a stick to get the prune. indd 55 1/29/07 1:13:14 PM Do not snack next to the flute! The bad tunes were just a fluke.

Indd 46 1/29/07 1:12:29 PM Hope sets the rose plants in the holes. Next, Hope gets a hose and waters the roses. indd 47 1/29/07 1:12:35 PM Last, Hope gets Mom. What a big grove of big red roses Mom gets from Hope! What a big hug Hope gets from Mom! indd 48 1/29/07 1:12:41 PM by S. indd 49 1/29/07 1:12:45 PM Luke and Jude snack on some prunes. Luke picks up his flute. indd 50 1/29/07 1:12:47 PM A flute is a tube that has lots of holes in it. You can use it to make tunes. indd 51 1/29/07 1:12:54 PM Luke makes tunes on his flute.

Indd 29 1/29/07 5:20:05 PM Pick a bike you like. Ike likes his red bike. Its size is fi ne. Ike likes the white stripes on its side, too. indd 30 1/29/07 1:10:44 PM Ike is good to his bike. Ike wipes off grime. Ike has a lock to make it safe. indd 31 1/29/07 1:10:49 PM Now it is time to get on your bike and ride off. Have a fi ne time! indd 33 2/5/07 2:35:19 PM Cole has a big fake nose. Rose likes it. indd 34 1/29/07 1:11:04 PM Cole makes a cone. Cole pokes two holes in it to make a fake nose for Rose.

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