Dark Ages: British Isles (World of Darkness) by Gavin Bennett, Genevieve Cogman, Chris Hartford, Adam

By Gavin Bennett, Genevieve Cogman, Chris Hartford, Adam Tinworth

The Land Is historic Mithras of London fancies the Isles as his area, however the land is much older than even he. old vampires lurk within the fens and wolf-men stalk the moors. The Church has taken carry right here, yet worshippers of a ways older gods name upon energy that no follower of Christ has ever recognized. And someplace past the mist the fae chortle, for they have been the following sooner than the other. right here There be Monsters darkish a long time: British Isles is the 1st neighborhood sourcebook for the darkish a while line. It contains the heritage of the land, info at the significant towns of britain, eire, Scotland and Wales, and information on how the supernatural denizens of Europe care for one another and the oldest population of the Isles.

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This document shall stand as just cause for the full weight of your family’s treasury and God-given blessings to aid England and the pursuit of the Holy Office to even the deepest forest and benighted village of this dangerous country. A Church Divided, A People of War First, you must understand the nature of these lands. The four kingdoms of these isles, if some of these barbarous collections of warring peoples and petty princes deserve the title “kingdom,” are all subservient to the English crown, by conquest, freely given oath and Papal decree.

The rebellion failed in short order, with Eleanor captured and Henry the Younger treated with surprising leniency. A decade later, Henry the Younger attempted rebellion again, but perished that same year. Geoffrey, Henry II’s second son, was already dead, trampled to death by horses in a tournament. That left Henry and Eleanor, who had spent the last ten years in close confinement, with two sons: Richard and John (their first son, William, had died while still a young child). The Lord blessed Richard, while John fell prey to the Devil’s ways.

However, there were two rival claimants — Harold Hardrada of Norway, and William of Normandy. Both invaded simultaneously. The time of the Vikings, indeed the time of barbarians in Western Europe, was at an end. Christian Vikings from Norway were invading a na- 32 tion created by their distant kin, the Saxons, in rivalry with a group of Frenchified Vikings of Normandy. Harold Godwinson defeated the Norwegians at Stamford Bridge and then marched south, sending half of his army to gather the crops.

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