Crime Script Analysis: Preventing Crimes Against Business by Harald Haelterman

By Harald Haelterman

This booklet positions script research as an invaluable and pragmatic device, that can consultant the choice and implementation of preventive measures in company environments. It illustrates how the idea that aligns with the crime-specific orientation present in environmental criminology, and especially explores the theoretical foundations of situational crime prevention, the method of which it truly is deemed so much appropriate and supportive.
The quantity offers transparent assistance on the right way to follow script research in day-by-day perform, overlaying its major development blocks and key positive factors. those are illustrated through a chain of case experiences into a variety of crime forms. relocating past using script research with the cause to disrupt the crime-commission procedure, the writer extra explores the broader advantages of the method of either lecturers and practitioners. He identifies what's wanted such a lot if we wish to include the entire power of script research for preventive reasons. <

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New York: Routledge.  G. (1997). Situational aspects of violence.  V.  G. ), Rational choice and situational crime prevention.  83–93). Aldershot: Ashgate Dartmouth.  V. (2012). Situational crime prevention: Classifying techniques using “good enough” theory.  C.  P.  291–315). New York: Oxford University Press.  B. (2006). Secure and tranquil travel: Preventing crime and disorder on public transport (p. 238). London: UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science. TAPA EMEA. (2013). TAPA EMEA IIS Annual Report 2013.

Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 3 Crime and Criminality 1 Introduction As this book is about preventing crime against business, it is important to understand what is meant by crime and how this phenomenon relates to criminality, as both terms are often used interchangeably. This chapter aims to clarify the distinction between the two. It further aims to illustrate that this distinction has implications for the scope and objectives of preventive interventions. While the main focus of preventing criminality is on trying to avoid individuals from becoming or remaining engaged in criminal conduct, preventing crime is about preventing criminal acts or events from occurring.

Furthermore, multiple scripts may be activated simultaneously, one interfering with the other (Schank and Abelson 1977: 57). Such ‘script interactions’ become problematic when it is unclear to what script the next input of information, that is capable of causing an event to occur in either of the two scripts, belongs (Idem: 58). A common type of interaction is that of a concealed personal script being active within a situational script. Other examples include that of two or more actors with competing concealed personal scripts within a situational script, or one or more actors with personal scripts whose nature is known by the other actors (Idem: 64–65).

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