Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster) by John Curtis, Coleman Charlton

By John Curtis, Coleman Charlton

A bestiary of epic proportions!Encounter dragons, sprites, gorgons, sabertooth tigers, and foes of all stripes, spots, and scales. Even the leviathan isn't really too great for this finished bestiary!Inside you can find enormous quantities of animals, monsters, and races. Many are culled from fantasy, others are staples of delusion fiction and video games, and plenty of extra are thoroughly unique -- in contrast to something you've ever visible in a task taking part in online game before!Creatures & Monsters offers: -- Over 2 hundred pages of animals, monsters, and races that fly, swim, and terrorize the land -- with designated info on visual appeal, way of life, wrestle facts, and background.-- Animals and monsters of various inclinations, from those who characters may perhaps safeguard and befriend to people who threaten the lifestyles of complete towns.-- Dragons, fell beasts, elementals, constructs, planar creatures, shapechangers, undead, prehistoric animals, harmful vegetation, giants, trolls, fairy people, and more.-- directions for a way to create your personal Rolemaster creatures-- broad random stumble upon tables concerning water resources, terrain, crops, particular positive aspects, and power-- a whole index.

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The jackalope possesses the timid nature of the rabbit. When threatened it attempts to bolt to the safety of its hole. Only if cornered will it turn to shed blood with its antlers. Though not as prolific as normal rabbits, each year a female jackalope gives birth to a litter of 4-6 young. As mentioned above, the creature fights only when forced to, but when it does, it can use its horns with deadly skill. Animals Horned Snake: (af)-(—),F,R,CDH-6. This 11'-15' long serpent has a spiked tail, and is usually dark green or black in color.

The shiny shell of the jade-back has become popular as armor for the more advanced tribes among the Thule natives. They have perfected a technique that molds the shell to the body of the wearer; but I understand that it requires the wearer to lay in hot coals for about 12 hours. Kraeguth: (af)-(—,—,U,PT)-5. Kraeguth are much like large bears, but instead of being mammals, kraeguth are reptiles. Their skin is covered in grey-green scales rather than fur, their heads are large, and tails small. They are usually 6'-9' long.

Tentmorse: wmsk-(—,—,—),CD-5. A round body with ten 6'-8' tentacles radiating outwards in all directions makes up a tentmorse. They are green, with a large red mouth and two white eyes. The body is 2'-3' in diameter. The tentmorse may originally be from another dimension, but it has long called the forests of this world its home. Tentmorse dwell in forests, using their tentacles to maneuver through the tree branches. They never touch the ground if they can help it. It makes nests in tree tops where it lays 1-2 eggs.

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