Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino

By Italo Calvino

Enthralling tales in regards to the evolution of the universe, with characters which are shaped from mathematical formulae and mobile buildings. “Naturally, we have been all there, - outdated Qfwfq acknowledged, - the place else may we've got been? not anyone knew then that there might be area. Or time both: what use did we've for time, packed in there like sardines?” Translated via William Weaver. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

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Suspecting this, I hastened to woo her back. I took to performing all sorts of feats: hunting flying insects, leaping, digging underground dens, wrestling with the strongest of our group. I was proud of myself, but unfortunately whenever I did something brave, she wasn't there to see me: she kept disappearing, and no one knew where she had gone off to hide. Finally I understood: she went to the lagoon, where my great-uncle was teaching her to swim under water. I saw them surface together: they were moving along at the same speed, like brother and sister.

But instead that was the time it was e. We did it all for fun, obviously; because there was nothing in it for us, as far as earning went. When the elements began to be formed, we started evaluating our bets in atoms of the rarer elements, and this is where I made a mistake. I had seen that the rarest of all was technetium, so I started betting tech-netium and whining, and hoarding: I built up a capital of technetium. I hadn't foreseen it was an unstable element that dissolved in radiations: suddenly I had to start all over again, from zero.

Fern-flower told me her dreams: "Last night I saw this enormous Dinosaur, terrifying, breathing smoke from his nostrils. He came closer, grabbed me by the nape, and carried me off. He wanted to eat me alive. It was a terrible dream, simply terrible, but -- isn't this odd? -- I wasn't the least frightened. No, I don't know how to say it. . I liked him. " That dream should have made me understand many things and especially one thing: that Fern-flower desired nothing more than to be assaulted. This was the moment for me to embrace her.

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