Classic Battletech RPG Companion by Christoffer Trossen

By Christoffer Trossen

Extended personality production principles that bring together and replace all box guide lifestyles paths and clarify how you can create your individual. additionally incorporated are another point-based personality production process and a whole development procedure for conflict armor.

The vintage BattleTech better half offers extended ideas on tips to run adventures within the BattleTech universe, tips on how to contain contacts and enemies into your video game, in addition to a piece at the a variety of underworld enterprises in volume. additionally encompasses a entire part on developing and utilizing creatures, with an considerable sampling of alien fauna.

The vintage BattleTech significant other deals complex and exchange ideas for avid gamers and gamemasters. This imperative ebook presents quite a few new talents and characteristics, complicated climate ideas, management and association of noble land-holds and additional info on existence within the MechWarrior universe.

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