Class Dis-Mythed (Myth, Book 16) by Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye

By Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye

A new MYTH-filled with studying, writing, and arithMYTHtic.

The "legendary" magician Skeeve attempts to dwell as much as his recognition through education younger spellcasters within the tips of the trade-with lower than magical effects.

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No time to explain, what? Tolk was in just such a hurry to find some decent training. ” “Why? ” Trolls and their sister Trollops tended to have a lot of magikal talent, much more than Klahds possessed overall. “Well, I don't practice much, as you know, preferring to depend upon sheer muscle. I consider it more reliable, what? I tend to leave the hocus-pocus to Little Sister. ” I eyed him. “Then why didn't you go to Tananda? She's most definitely in the field, more than I am, lately. ” “I wouldn't say this to anyone but a very close friend,” Chumley confided, with a glance over my shoulder at the group, “but Tananda isn't much of a teacher.

I glared at the eavesdroppers, who suddenly remembered they had better things to do. I gestured at the bench on the other side of the table. With uneasy and distasteful glances, as if they had just picked up on their surroundings, the three females slid onto it. ” I urged them. They dithered. “You ask him, Jinetta,” said the smallest. “No, it was Pologne's idea,” the tallest said. ” the middle one exclaimed. My species is not easily embarrassed, so whatever was eating these three had to be pretty bad.

The room swirled wildly again. I found myself facing three Trollish guards with white wherhide trews bound over their thick purple-furred legs, wearing brass helmets with horns sticking out each side and carrying giant double-bitted axes. ” I cried. ” Freezia asked. “Okay. ” Gargoyles, with fearsome smiles and stone tutus. I gawked. ” A volcano, a rainbow and a twinkling blue fairy. ” Before I could stop them, the Pervects became unicorns, Deveels, Ogres, towering robots with sparks sputtering from the electrical contacts in their necks, winged Sphinxes, animate stone towers, undulating sea serpents, enormous spiny red hedgehogs and, finally, a trio of pink elephants with floating ostrich plumes bound to their foreheads.

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