City of the Damned: New Orleans (Vampire: The Requiem) by Ari Marmell

By Ari Marmell

The Sultry evening Beckons New Orleans lives on borrowed time. Steeped within the customs and traditions of the previous global and governed with an iron fist through a pious Prince, the Kindred of town preserve the sanctity of the Traditions at courtroom and sate their wants amid the neon glare of Bourbon road. From the stately manors of the backyard District to the seedy lanes of the French area, New Orleans seethes with pent-up wish and whispered provides of energy, revolution and revenge. sign up for the Danse Macabre urban of the Damned: New Orleans provides the large effortless in all its baroque glory, detailing the city's background, the legislation and customs of its aristocratic court docket, and the intrigues of the vampires either well-known and petty. A wealth of characters, plot hooks and Storytelling assistance make this a useful source for any Vampire: The Requiem chronicle. Hardcover.

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In addition, Vidal keeps a Sheriff (Donovan), a Master of Elysium (the Sanctified Nosferatu Gus Elgin) and a Primogen Council that includes Pearl Chastain (Invictus Daeva), Coco Duquette (Carthian Mekhet), Gabriel Hurst (Sanctified Ventrue), and Miss Opal (Carthian Nosferatu). Informally, Vidal has employed the talents of a Hound, as well (a Gangrel woman named Caitlin Meadows), especially in recent years, but many believe she has gone rogue or otherwise vacated Vidal’s service of late. Custom, Tradition and Law What separates the Big Easy from other cities is often not what goes on within the city limits, but how it goes on.

This is partly due to Vidal’s religious beliefs regarding the soul but also to cover up his own act of diablerie during the ritual he performed with Cimitiere. On the rare occasions that Vidal calls a citywide blood hunt, he does so by summoning all available Kindred to court and then performing Last Rites in absentia over the subject of the hunt. The message is, to put it bluntly, unmistakable. Deference and Presentation Unsurprisingly, Vidal and his policies are strict indeed on these particular customs.

In fact, the Sheriff and Vidal’s other enforcers have orders to be particularly strict immediately following the Night of Unfettered Dreams, to be certain that the Kindred understand that it was a one-night-only deal. Crime and Punishment The Kindred citizens of New Orleans, like all Kindred, scheme to advance their own agendas, and many consider the laws of the domain nothing more than inconveniences, speed bumps to be ignored. Those who dwell under Vidal’s rule swiftly learn better. The Prince has a truly draconian sense of justice, a mix of the Old Testament and Machiavelli.

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