Calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences, (7th by Soo T. Tan

By Soo T. Tan

Within the market-leading CALCULUS FOR THE MANAGERIAL, lifestyles, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Soo T. Tan offers a correct, available presentation of calculus mixed with simply the fitting stability of functions, pedagogy, and know-how to assist scholars reach the path. the hot 7th variation comprises hugely attention-grabbing present purposes and routines to assist stimulate scholar motivation. a thrilling new array of supplementations, together with iLrn instructional and the Interactive Video Skillbuilder CD-ROM, offers scholars with wide studying help so teachers can have extra time to target instructing the center ideas.

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This in turn enables us to compute the distance between two points algebraically. This chapter also covers straight lines. The slope of a straight line plays an important role in the study of calculus. 2 review some basic concepts and techniques of algebra that are essential in the study of calculus. The material in this review will help you work through the examples and exercises in this book. You can read through this material now and do the exercises in areas where you feel a little “rusty,” or you can review the material on an as-needed basis as you study the text.

B Ϫ a Ͼ 0 a 32. ᎏᎏ Ͼ 1 b 33. a2 Ͼ b 2 35. a3 Ͼ b 3 In Exercises 69–74, rewrite the expression using positive exponents only. 69. (xy)Ϫ2 70. 3s1/3 и sϪ7/3 1 1 34. ᎏᎏ Ͼ ᎏᎏ a b xϪ1/3 71. ᎏ1ᎏ x /2 72. œෆ xϪ1 и œෆ 9xϪ3 36. Ϫa Ͻ Ϫb 73. 120(s ϩ t)Ϫ3 74. (x Ϫ y)(xϪ1 ϩ yϪ1) 1 PRELIMINARIES 10 In Exercises 75–90, simplify the expression. ) x7/3 75. ᎏϪᎏ2 x Ϫ2 Ϫ1/2 76. (49x ) 6(P Ϫ 2500) Յ 4(P ϩ 2400) 5x y 78. ᎏ2ᎏ7 2x y x3/4 79. ᎏ ᎏ xϪ1/4 x3y2 2 80. ᎏᎏ @ z2 Ϫ2/3 x3 81. ᎏᎏ Ϫ6 @ Ϫ27y e x Ϫ1/2 82. ᎏxϪ ᎏ e 2@ xϪ3 2 y 4 83.

A. (x Ϫ h)2 ϩ (y Ϫ k)2 Յ r 2 b. (x Ϫ h)2 ϩ (y Ϫ k)2 Ͻ r 2 c. (x Ϫ h)2 ϩ (y Ϫ k)2 Ն r 2 d. (x Ϫ h)2 ϩ (y Ϫ k)2 Ͼ r 2 2. Consider the equation x 2 ϩ y2 ϭ 4. a. Show that y ϭ Ϯœෆ 4 Ϫ x2. b. Describe the set of points (x, y) in the xy-plane satisfying the following equations: (i) y ϭ œෆ 4 Ϫ x2 (ii) y ϭ Ϫœෆ 4 Ϫ x2 APPLIED EXAMPLE 4 Cost of Laying Cable In Figure 10, S represents the position of a power relay station located on a straight coastal high way, and M shows the location of a marine biology experimental station on an island.

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