Book of Artifacts (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook) by D. Cook

By D. Cook

A part of the center principles to the AD&D moment variation video game procedure, this ebook presents specified details on magical goods and the way to cause them to. a while 12 and up. All gamers and online game masters. Illustrations, a few in colour.

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The Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty is a good artifact for any level campaign, for it is not too powerful, and the side effects deter characters. One adventure can have a PC infatuated with someone using the flower, possibly disappearing with that person. Alternatively, the characters must find out why a local ruler has recently begun acting strangely. 48 Constant. Contact with the flower adds 5 points to the user's Charisma (max. of 21). Invoked. The player character specifies a floral scent while holding and smelling deeply of the crystalline Jacinth.

Over the centuries, the Death Rock has found its way to the west, leaving ruin and destruction in its wake. It has not been seen for much time and it might now be finally lost forever. Characters should only find the Death Rock if the DM wants to sorely tempt and test the heroes. The rock grants great power, but only to one person and at terrible cost to the PC's companions. The DM should know the players well, for if the temptation succeeds, serious ill will could develop among the players, threatening the harmony of the group.

Mei Lung was not merely satisfied to create the Herald, although many would view this as protection enough. Aware that disaster might befall not just him but his entire household (for dragons of that far eastern land lived in a style much different from the wyrms of the west), Mei Lung entrusted the magical volume to a sect of isolated and devout monks far away in the fastness of the highest mountains of the world. There the book has ever been, watched over by monks who now live only for its protection.

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